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Statement of Justice Committee’s Declaring for Shadow Staff


Starting from a heart-felt national responsibility, and as transitional justice is a supreme goal, and in response  to Peaceful Revolution Salvation Front, a specialized committee was formed on the basis of a professional principle,and named as the committee of justice to be a component of the popular shadow staff.

Thecommittee functions in a professional manner, towards enhance principle of justice in the country, through strengthening foundations of a hoped fair and independent judicial systemin compliance of agreed-upon constitutional regulations and world treaties stipulated in Milano agreement issued by UN general assembly, law No 40/126 and dated Dec 13th 1985 on key principles of an independent judicial system.

The principles that will constantly govern the committee's performance are based on national responsibility, strict impartiality, law dominance, and adoption of principles of peace,accuracy and transparency in the duties assigned to us.

The committee of justice, which is officially launching its work, has observed major illegal violations that have been committed since formation of the consensus government and till early May2013 whether in relation to the presidential resolutions or the appointments and assignments made by the executive authority, besides observing the challenges faced by transitional justice and independence of judiciary, which can highly damage it in the long-run.

The committee, formed under strict national abidance by RSF, will work along with other committees to be formed within the popular shadow staff on basis of proficiency and expertise instead of politically-driven sharing, depending on principle of technocrat, to which the civil forces looking forward, and defend

Declaring its establishment, the committee invites all specialists including activists and civil society orgs. and interested people to support our efforts in a way that reform shortcomings suffered by the judicial authority, to ensure an independent and fair Yemen judiciary thatis uncontrollable by military,partisan and Ikwani(brothren) influence.

The committee consists of the following founders:

 Judge AbdulwahabMohammed Qatran

JudgeNoamanAbdo Ibrahim Hamdain,

 Prosecution member, Mohammed AhmedAlfaqih,

lawyer NajeebSharafAlhaj

 lawyer Jalal Mohammed Hundad,

 lawyer NajeedAbdulla Alqali

 lawyer Abduraqeeb Ahmed Alhaidari.

Issued by RSF on May 8th 2013

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