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Statement On Education Committee in PRSF

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 Being among the poorest countries in the world, Yemen is ranked 149  among 179 surveyed countries. It has the lowest index in terms of human development, which means a deteriorating situation  and lack of suitable chance of preparing for future.

In this context, education is considered the cornerstone of comprehensive development and its topic has to be addressed positively and effectively nationwide, as it improves quality of working element and increases its productivity, in addition to being a key human right that can fulfill human needs so as that he can lead a good life and play an effective role in society.

It a challenge how to overcome such a bad situation the educational  process undergoing in the country, which is reflected through a highly worse educational output , not to mention the inability to meet objectives of the millennium, including an ensure that children – male and female- be empowered of completing basic education  by 2015.

Such a back-warded  education is attributed to politicizing and corrupting exercised against the teaching job, monopolizing of the leading public positions for partisan interests, distorting educational curriculum and loading it with a culture that can lead to damage of learning faculty. These curriculums  do not take into account the contemporary relevant  advancement of technology. They lack essentials of knowledge and concepts of freedom and did not manage to offer radical solutions to the challenges of society, under an absence of a competent patriotic  willingness to provide them as well as of a government that can understand  the crucial role played by education. This corruption can also be attributed to a badly qualified educational staff, who lacks the necessary privileges that can enhance standards of living for them.

The donations, grants  and public money are spent on some unnecessary programs that provide no workable solutions to these problems and the reality of education syndicates has been captured by some influential figures and powers.

Therefore, in contributing to making the desired change for the back-warded and painful reality of education in Yemen, the peaceful revolution salvation front PRSF, within framework of its popular shadow board and under slogan of Our Children are in Danger, declares a committee on education, to positively enhance fighting the corrupt  education and politicize its positions and to observe existing violations and the resolutions damaging the educational process and to get rid of hindrances precluding building a prosperous future for Yemen.

Such a declaration comes within an advanced professional action included in the PRSF's popular shadow board that is based on principle of professionalism and specialization, in course of setting up of a shadow government  that depends on technocrat and fairness.

Such a declared committee is a significant new addition to PRSF and a vehicle to the desired change to be adopted by it, as an effective contribution to building the future and through peaceful manners of striving for the set objectives relevant to education

The committee confirms that its members do not targeting individuals, specific parties or institutions nor are they aiming at executing small-scaled project or interests, rather they are against such a deteriorated education towards a better education system for our children and upcoming generations.

Names of the committee members are, alphabetically,  as follows:

Jalal Abdullah Ali

Sabri Abdullah Mohammed Alhakimi

Abdulhakim  Abdulbaki Abdullah

Abdullah Ahmed Hamoud

Abdullah Mohammed Abdurazaq

Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Aljurafi

Mukarrm Abdullah Alazab

Issued by PRSF

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