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PRSF Condemns Expected Price Hike, Calls for Popular and Political Denounce


The peaceful revolution salvation front PRSF has considered Thursday  the forthcoming new price hike that the ruling power seeks to implement an exacerbation to the standards of living of civilians, and would drive a great majority of them to verge of poverty.

"the blind response to the world's demand of increase oil support by the government without considering subsequent negative impacts that can harm people's lives is futile" the PRSF confirmed in a statement.

"Any economic solutions should start from decreasing spending policies and applying principle of austerity, fighting corruption, and putting an end to public post quotas" the statement added.

It considered that putting the new price hike into effect would be a selection of an easy option that can adversely affect poor civilians while benefitting sharks of corruption.

 The PRSF expressed condemnation of such an expected price hike, calling for civilians and politicians to stop it and take the correct economic steps that would rescue Yemenis from its threats.

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