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RSF Condemns kidnapping, Calls for Diplomatic Iranian & Dutch Journalist Release

Yemenat. Sana'a

The revolution salvation front RSF has denounced kidnapping of an Iranian diplomatic on Monday 21 from Sana'a by unknown gunmen.

Such a serious incident that targeted a foreign diplomatic figure is related to an annoying phenomenon in Yemen, whose victims were a Dutch journalist, with her husband, who had been disappeared for a month before she was seen delivering a speech on a footage posted online without revealing kidnappers or their demands. Confirmed RSF in a statement.

Such abducting repetitions can pose a threat to the country's reputation and precluding attracting visitors, investors and tourists. It can further stigmatize Yemen as being a dangerous place to visit.

Under a weak security performance in all provinces of Yemen, in addition to fragile judicial institutions and investing tribal and security powers that was being involved in the  issue, kidnapping has become a moneymaker. said the statement.

The RSF calls for security apparatuses to quickly taking a serious measure to put an end to kidnapping, rate of which is increasing terribly, and to capture the adductors, unveil them to the public opinion and bring them to justice.

It also calls for releasing the Dutch journalist and her husband; the Iranian diplomatic, to ensure that they are in good health and can return to their families safely.