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Human Rights Committee Declared


In a press conference held at Sana'a-based Eagle, the human rights committee HRC has been declared Thursday by the peaceful revolution salvation front PRSF.

The HRC is considered the third committee to be declared after the committees of Justice and of education. The statement of HRC declaring is as follows:

In an independent initiative to enhance human rights in Yemen, reduce violations, especially in the aftermath of the revolution and within reconciliation government, a specialized professional committee to be concerned with human rights and freedoms is set up, as a branch of the RSF popular shadow board. The committee is to give a chance to a majority of civil human activists to react and to involve in its activities, in order to improve human rights situation, as it is the cornerstone of  an equal citizenship and a civil democratic state.

Declaring such an important committee, we ( members ) are looking for supporting, participating and responding to it with purpose of strengthen its institutional structure, enlarging its influence to exercise its assigned tasks of protecting human rights, and to effectively contribute to reducing related violations.

The HRC will professionally and technically enhance and protect human rights, via employing specialized teams to monitor, observe, analyze and assess of all government and non-government plans, activities and programs related to human rights and freedoms in Yemen. It also will fight violations committed against everybody in this country, take corrective steps and to provide legal support as much as it is possible to all those who were oppressed. The HRC will present visions and studies aiming at improving human rights and will work towards an independent national mechanism that is concerned with human rights  to replace existing ministry of human rights, one that cares about the impartiality we look forward to, according to constitution principles and agreed-upon world criteria that are stipulated in the Paris Convention.

The governing principles of the HRC are based on national responsibility, complete neutrality, support of rule of law, adopt of peaceful way for public work, and abide by transparency and strictness in all its assigned tasks. It also will promote a real partnership, appreciate people's efforts and listen to youth views and give them a chance to make decision.

The HRC, officially launches its work as of today Thursday June 27, has observed key human rights violations and actions being committed since the consensus government setting up to early May 2013 whether regarding presidential resolutions, appointments or assignments issued by the executive authority, in addition to all negative exercises of relevance.

To ensure tasks undertaking, a large-scale of range and achieving objectives, the HRC will use suitable mechanisms, including setting up of sub-committees with a violation observatory network that cover all provinces of Yemen and in a scientific criteria that guarantee human rights and freedoms, maintaining neutrality, independence and credibility.      

Such a committee, formed under an actual national commitment by PRSF, will liaise with other formed committees, and will be included in people's shadow board on the basis of effectiveness and experience instead of existing principle of sharing and political quotas, and on technocrat that civil democratic powers always strive to achieve .

Members of the committee alphabetically:

Ibtisam Ahmed Qarhash

D. Ihsan Abdulhameed

Azal Abdulla hashim

Khaldon ali Shalan

Qasim Abbas allami

Nourul Deen Alazazi

Issued by PRSF

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